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Our mission echoes beyond design; it's about crafting a lifestyle -
an ode to the fusion of beauty and comfort, where your environment isn't just a space, but a sanctuary to be cherished. Emma's meticulous attention ensures that every design marries aesthetic brilliance with real-life practicality, fulfilling the needs of everyday living in a seamless embrace.

From the inception of mood boards that echo your desires, to the careful selection of colour palettes that breathe life into your space, we orchestrate a symphony of design. Our expertise extends to sourcing fabrics, materials that drape elegance over curtains, chairs, and sofas. We paint stories on walls, lay creativity beneath your feet with stunning floor coverings, and transform bathrooms and kitchens into functional works of art. With a nod to renowned names like The Little Greene Paint Company, Farrow & Ball, and more, we infuse your space with a touch of legacy and luxury.

Modern Interior Design


Our vision tapestry boasts an array of signature styles that transcend mere aesthetics – from the timeless allure of Colonial elegance to the allure of French Chic, the rustic charm of English Country, and the nostalgia of Vintage vibes. These styles are our pigments, and your space is our canvas, where we artfully blend hues, textures, and indulgence into visual symphonies that welcome and engage your senses in a dance of sophistication.

Emma Jane is not just a name; it's a promise of an immersive experience where seemingly disparate elements forge harmonious coexistence. The enchanting dance of sun-washed fabrics, the embrace of distressed finishes, and the gentle embrace of delicate patterns all orchestrate an unparalleled warmth in every room. But this is more than aesthetics – it's the essence of comfort woven into the very fabric of your surroundings.

Modern Interior Design
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Beyond walls and floors, Emma Jane creates bespoke, everlasting, life-like artificial flower arrangements are designed to grace and elevate any space that craves embellishment. Every petal speaks a language of elegance, and each arrangement tells a tale of sophistication. Custom-crafted to your desires or chosen from our ready-made collection, these blooms breathe life into the heart of your décor.

Specialising in Bridal bouquets,

wedding flowers and farewell tributes 

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