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Dining Room ideas

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I'm not taking credit for all these pictures in this post, but on doing some recent research for my clients I came across an array of different dining room looks.

All equally beautiful in the right surroundings and I love all these styles. From contemporary to eclectic to the most traditional. All can be achieved with the right knowledge and attention. The best thing is, if there is an image or a look that you so desperately would love for your home, then I will do the upmost to create it for you. Sourcing the wall colours, wallpaper and fabrics. Then comes the furniture, furniture that you are sometimes stuck with, the first sofa you ever purchased or the inherited side table that really isn't your style but you felt obliged to give it a new home.

My love and passion is making a room work and look exactly how you want it. Sometimes it means letting go of the mis-match things but sometimes it's just the case of up-cycling and giving it a new lease of life with a splash of paint or some new fabric.I'm quite bold when I enter a room and soon let you know if it doesn't quite flow. I believe that continuity is needed in a home to make each room belong to the next but with it's own unique twist. Something that is difficult to achieve when refurbishing your own home. The beauty of these dinning room styles is that they can be implemented for restaurants and cafe's too. I've been to several hotels and highly recommended restaurants recently and sometimes the decor is just a let down. I can't fault the food or the service but the dated worn out seating and mix match of furniture is a disappointment. Maybe I should leave my card as a little hint on the table?

What's your style?

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