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Happy New Year

Back to work, back to normality, whatever that is?

Lets hope 2019 brings some beautiful projects that I can share with you and inspire you to renovate and make your home look gorgeous. Hopefully I can give you more tips and ideas through the following months. Lets hope Don't stop loving and nurturing your surroundings, it's your sanctuary to escape to so make it a special place to reside.

I was recently asked by a client who had a large collection of art, as to how they should display it all. My solution was to ensure all the frame were similar in colour. Or a couple of colours, this way whatever the image in the picture, they would all tie together with the co-ordinating frames.

If you have a vast collection of pictures or a collection of artefacts, it's a good idea to have it all in one place. Make a secondary statement with it. It will give an instant impact and look stunning if done right.

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