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I've not been lazy, honest!

No, I've not been lazy, honest! I've been up to my eyes as they say, juggling a new shop and several design projects.

All exciting times but something had to give and the website drew the short straw.

So I thought, whilst I have 10 mins, grab myself a cup of tea and update you.

In the spring of 2019 I was asked if I'd like to showcase my silk flowers in the gorgeous Gem Of England shop in the beautiful village of Burley, New Forest. I absolutely jumped at this opportunity and Burley became my go to destination.

Running several projects alongside, I started to enjoy shop life and I was humbled with the flowers that were being bought by passers by. So the assortment artefacts expanded and they came and they bought.

The shop has been rented by various lovely ladies since it opened in 2017. A diverse selection of sellers, seeing a spectrum of items from Antiques, soft furnishings, jewellery, furniture and more.

This August saw the departure of 2 of the ladies and the shop was left Gem Freeman, resident artisan jeweller and myself. A dilemma... do we invite another one or two to the shop or shall we take on the shop alone? So we decided to carry on with just the two of us. We have rebranded the shop to the apt name of Burley Lifestyle. The shop will sell Gem Freemans beautiful bespoke Jewellery, Art & cards by local artists Penny Driscoll and Sandra Binney. Perfume from Connock London and Sarah Ireland.

My flowers will be on show along with other gorgeous interior bits.

We launch the new shop on the 12th September and we look forward to seeing you when you are in Burley.

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