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Bathrooms seem to be the thing at the month

It's all about making that private sanctuary, a sanctuary. When it comes to designing your bathroom, there are no real rules. As long as you can fit all the necessary furniture in, the rest is open for you to be as creative as you wish.

Make this space a fun place to be, with crazy colours and bold tiles or a calming retreat with light shades and soft patterns. Either way, this is your space to switch off from the outside world once the door is locked.

Add lighting to be in-keeping with the theme, adding some subtle low level or low wattage lighting to turn on during the night should you need to make that midnight trip there. Nothing worse than the startling glare of the full circuit when you are half asleep! Remember to install bathroom or outdoor safe lights to keep inline with the regulations.

A thought to consider, this is the room you start and end your day in so make sure you get it right.

This old piece of furniture used here in pic 4, injects a traditional feel which I strive for when designing. Crammed full of white towels and objects this makes it not only a practical unit but provides a great wall of interest too.

An angled, double ended, free standing bath works perfectly in a larger room, utilising the space behind with quirky objects and mirrors to reflect light and space.

My aim when designing bathrooms is to inject character where I can. Using a random piece to give that exclusive finish. Finding unique tiles for the shower area. I just like to think outside the box as they say, hopefully you can try that too?

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