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Ok, it's been a busy last few months and I've not been too good on keeping you up to date with my blog. I seem to have been doing a lot of finishing off, organising and quoting for various projects and neglected you.

The weeks are counting down and the family is descending upon you sooner than you think. Is the house ready? Is it looking is's best to impress all your guests?

Don't leave it to the last minute, make sure you keep some time to enjoy this time of year with your loved ones. When Christmas day arrives, do you really want to collapse in a heap?

Start thinking about it now. Give that lounge a coat of paint, buy some new accessories and add a few lamps to a room for that welcoming atmosphere.

Is it too early to put up the tree? Perhaps, but why not?? I've just been to Iceland and all the houses are displaying their beautiful fairy lights and it looked so magical.

I've made a few Christmas decorations from old odd buttons, made garlands and wreaths to dress the doors and stairs and added a few extra candles to create the traditional Christmas feel.

Christmas is coming, the family is arriving and the children are starting to get excited. If you need help decorating your home for the festive season, please get in touch. I only have a couple of available days left now. It may just take the stress out of the whole experience.

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