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Traditional lounge

My brief was to bring this room back to life and create a colonial, traditional feel and that's exactly what I've done in this traditional house.

Wooden panelling has been added to all the walls and painted in Little Greene Paint; Clay Pale to give warmth without the harshness of yellow tones that cream paint can sometimes reflect. With the top half of the walls painted in Portland Stone Dark 157, again using the amazing Little Greene Paint.

Eclectic furniture and soft furnishings, luxurious velvet sofas, elegant curtains with oversized tassel tie-backs and a large chandelier have made this lounge the dream room my clients longed for.

Bay windows can sometimes be a cold, dead space. A radiator is usually placed here and when the curtains are closed and the heat is trapped behind them. Here I've embraced this space and custom built a window seat and covered it in Lava velvet whilst hiding the radiators inside the seating so all of the room can now be used, all year round.

Simple, but beautifully made blinds block out the darkness at night or the scorching sun in the hight of summer. Dress curtains in Zoffany, Rococo Mirror frame the window whilst making the room retain its size and beauty, inviting you to sit an relax in the bay whilst watching the wild life busy at work in the garden.

Custom made cushions finish the look, highlighting the colours of art that adorn the opposite walls.

The finished look in this room is just exquisite and admired by all that passes through.

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