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When Dorset couple, Christopher and Anne decided that living in their contemporary, Sandbanks beachside apartment was not their cup of tea, they decided to make their dream home a reality.

The hunt began for a house where they felt they could impose their own personality upon. They soon fell in love with a classic, 1930’s five-bedroom property with a luscious English garden, away from the crashing waves.

The couples’ yearning for a home with a traditional English interior left them with two major problems:

One, whilst being structurally ideal and in the perfect location, it was decorated to the previous owners taste some years ago, the 1930s Arts and Crafts era which was now in need of a new lease of life.

Next was finding an interior designer with a genuine grasp on Colonial styling, and an equally advanced understanding on the soft, New England colours that the couple so loved.

Another, albeit uncontrollable, factor was the weather in this part of the world, as it doesn’t always lend itself to living in such an idyllic seaside position. The winters are very long here, and most days the sea and sky are dull grey. Whilst the location is highly sought after, the couple soon found it was depressing looking out at a vista of merged grey water and sky. So they knew that the interiors would really make or break their enjoyment of this home.

After searching through magazines, online and everywhere they could think of, they almost lost hope finding the right person to help them, but find someone they did; in the form of Interior Designer, Emma Jane.

From our first meeting, Emma understood my thinking and embraced the project with such passion. It was almost as if Emma could read my mind. She was a genius at anticipating the type of look we wished for and has proceeded over the past 18 months to deliver it with such enthusiasm and efficiency.

With a tasteful choice of fabrics and gentle colours the weary house has been lifted, whilst the individual accessories and quality furniture has given it its own unique identity. The theme is very much Colonial, with a New England premise that radiates a feeling of calm and relaxation. The lounge area has been tastefully encrusted in rich browns, greys and soft pastels, with a few antiquated accents to make the space more welcoming.

A private study was also created for the master of the house, with his own private hideaway, in a style that radiates a professional mood when hard at work there.

The master bedroom is to die for, with chandeliers, bespoke furniture and sumptuous textiles such as velvets and silks to submerge into after a long day. The other bedrooms continue with a luxurious theme, lavish and inviting to the couples, family and friends that come and visit, making each and every one of them feel welcome in an extravagant hotel-like setting.

Anne is particularly fond of the small bedroom set aside for overnight visits by her granddaughter. Designed as a perfect haven for the little lady, the room is adorned with butterflies and birds, with its very own dressing room and en-suite.

“What I love about this particular project was having a blank canvas to work with. Anne was able to describe the look she wanted to achieve, and I understood the brief immediately. That connection is so important for me with my clients and it’s something I aim to achieve with all them.” says Emma.

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