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Working From Home?

Working from home has many advantages, no traffic jams, you don’t have to have your hair and make up done and you can even take a longer lunch break without anyone noticing! But it can be also be a lonely environment to work in and can lead to low motivation levels and procrastination, so having a productive and pleasant working space is vital if you want to keep focused and productive. Whether it be a place to compose your first novel, follow up on crucial business or just to relax and catch up on some reading, these four steps will help you design the perfect home office to suit your style.

The most important element of your home office is undisputedly, the desk. It is the epicentre of all your hard work so it should be a pleasure to sit at. It should be comfortable and practical but most importantly, it should be a reflection of your individual style. A classic solid wooden desk is always a winner and can provide a beautiful base for you to design the rest of the room around. A wooden desk also adds an element of sophistication and timeless elegance.

The right desk lamp is essential to achieving your home office design goals. It has to look good, obviously, but don’t forget about the functionality of this piece. Ensure that the lamp emits a soft, semi-natural light as bright white light can tire out your eyes and feel clinical and cold. You also want to choose a lamp that is bright enough so that you will not be straining your eyes during those nights where you have to work late into the night. Also, be aware of your own style and how your desk lamp should be in-keeping with how you’ve designed the rest of the room.

An armchair is essential in any home office. When you need a well deserved break from working or when you’re meeting with someone to talk business, an armchair is practical and versatile. It can also provide a cosy place upon which to snuggle up and read a book. Be sure of the style you’re looking for before shopping for one, as there are so many choices available, it’s hard not to get distracted. Your armchair should tie the whole look together, it shouldn’t take the attention away from the desk area so aim for muted colours and a style that is in-keeping with the rest of the room. And remember, comfort is key! It may seem obvious but people have different preferences when it comes to firmness, depth, height etc. So make sure you choose the right one for you.

Wall panelling is extremely popular at the minute and it is easy to see why! The difference that this form of custom carpentry adds to any room is striking but specifically when used in a home office it adds a certain stylish sophisication.

Not only for it’s aesthetic properties, wall panelling can be functional if shelves are integrated also. It is a beautiful and practical way to store your files and/or books. Panelling a wall is a great way to add character or texture to a room. Paint can be flat and wallpaper can be busy, but panelling is the perfect solution to creating an interesting feature that isn't too overwhelming.

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